The End of All Things Podcast

Starting in November, The End of All Things will be devoted to podcasting.

I have been quite mean to the six or seven of you who still read this blog by ignoring it completely. You don’t deserve it. We’re really good mates, you and I. Obviously, by “You” I mean “the ether” and by me I mean “My online persona”. Haha, just kidding, I’m not clever enough to maintain an online persona. The crotchety old goat you see writing these actual words is the same one who tortures his wife with angry rants about the awful world that is Great Britain. Jesus H, why do I live here? Just look at it outside.

Basically, I’ve been putting all my funny shit on twitter instead of this blog because I have almost a whole five hundred people reading what I write there where I think my biggest tally here was 146. I totally just made that number up.

Anyway, two things have happened since I spoke to you last… no wait, three.

  1. My book was a terrible failure.
  2. I have joined a proper writing group.
  3. I am, at the age of 40, doing an MA in Creative Writing. “But I thought only cunts did MAs in Creative Writing?” I can hear you say. Well, I can tell you from actual experience, that that it is not the case. I mean some people who do MAs in Creative Writing are cunts but not all. In fact, I’d say the majority are of the non-cunt variety. I will let you decide which one I am.
  4. I have replaced the ability to count with appalling profanity.

So yeah, look forward to a podcast on short fiction, long fiction, creative non-fiction, performance and all other things writery. The first one will include an actual critique of my own writing from some truly mean people and an interview or maybe even two from writers who know what they’re doing.

I have bought a microphone and everything. I promise it won’t suck.

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