Episode 33 – Questioning Reality with Joanna Kavenna

In this episode, Rob chats to novelist and Orange Prize winner, Joanna Kavenna about the individual experience of reality, Baudelaire, George Osbourne, the British Class system and her latest work, The Field Guide to Reality. Rob and Kate Feld also argue about all things literary (and otherwise). Kate tells us what the UNESCO City of Literature designation means for Manchester and Rob forces the Times Literary Supplement Twenty Questions on her. Apologies in advance to The New Statesman.

Here is the Times Literary Supplement interview with Nicola Barker mentioned in the podcast.

(Interview with Joanna begins at 30:45)



Jerome de Groot, Martin Kratz, Mair Bosworth, Kit de Waal, Rodge Glass, Kapka Kassabova, Nicola Barker, Hilary Lawson, Roger Penrose, David Chalmers, Mary Midgley

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