Episode 40 – Mixing it up with Joanna Walsh

In this episode, Rob chats to Joanna Walsh about mixing narrative forms, autofiction, the perils of using material from your own life in your work, hardback fetishes, Kafka’s letters, the beauty of the online relationship, and, oddly, Airbnb. Rob and Kate talk about the joy of quitting, going native, Janeane Garofalo, sex shops and douchbag commercials. Yes, you read that right.


Links to stuff mentioned in the podcast:

The Seinfeld episode the much maligned jazz voice added to the theme song

The infamous Summer’s Eve douche commercial


AM Holmes, Janeane Garofalo, Claire Louise Bennett, Anne Carson, FC United, Sharon Olds, Jon McGregor (again), Chris Kraus, Anne Boyer, Vahni Capideo, Tony White, Andre Breton and Will Self (again)

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