Episode 41 – The Blancmange Antidote with Kevin Duffy from Bluemoose Books

In this episode, Rob chats to Kevin Duffy from Bluemoose Books about the trials of independent publishing, the effects of Brexit on writers, the problem with agents, getting your authors pinched, assemby line blancmange books pumped out by big publishing and Hebden Bridge. Rob and Kate talk about Not the Not the Booker prize, Jacob Rees-Mogg, William Shatner singing O Canada, Feminism and Jeremy Clarkson. Rob forgets to edit out the bit where he wishes Boris Johnson dead (I don’t really).


Links to stuff mentioned in the podcast:

William Shatner sings O Canada


Grayson Perry, Eley Williams, Eimear McBride, Michael Stewart, Ronan Hession, Benjamin Myers, Alastair Sutcliffe, Jenn Ashworth (again), Deborah Levy, Hamish Hamilton, Stefan Tobler at And Other Stories, Dead Ink, William Shatner, Lara Feigel, Doris Lessing, Jeremy Clarkson, Phillip Pullman, Joanne Harris

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