The End of The End of All Things

Hello dear listener,

I suppose one or two of you have noticed that there hasn’t been a new podcast in, like, four months which is a bit suspect for a monthly podcast. Let me tell you why, but first, a bit of boring background.

As many of you will know from listening to the podcast itself, The End of All Things literary podcast was created as part of my MA and is solely responsible for the Distinction I received. Goddamn this podcast got a good mark. I cannot remember exactly what the mark was, but my god it was amazing. Like, an A star or whatever they call it in Britain. Thank fuck as well considering how shatteringly shit I did on the actual dissertation (aka my novel).

Speaking of which…

After sprucing up the novel a bit, I sent it around to agents and have had a teensy bit of interest from a few who’ve asked me to “revise and resubmit”. Have a guess how much of that revising I have done? And guess again why the reason the answer to that first question is “very little”? The answer to that second question is, obviously, this podcast.

So this is The End of The End of All Things.

I have met so many great people doing this podcast, not least the listeners who’ve stopped me in the street to tell me how much they like it. And yes, I know that sounds precisely like something Orangehead prickface presidentcunt would say so I feel the need to give full disclosure and say that this has happened exactly six times. Which may not sound like a lot, but it is six more than I had anticipated. Thank you End of All Things SUPERFANS. You know who you are and you are just the best.

The guests have been great as well and it would be unfair to pick a favourite, but it is so obviously Kit de Waal that it almost doesn’t need to be mentioned. Steve Dearden might be second. Oops. Oh well, who cares if other guests are offended, the podcast is over. DEAL WITH IT.

You might be asking… Robert Cutforth why in the hell are you giving up the thing you did well to pursue the thing you are only moderately good at? This is a very good question and one I’ve given a right good ponder, but the truth is…I just like writing better. Scheduling, dealing with Publicists (seriously, what a bunch of gross ego zombies), Interviewing, Editing, Recording the intro, Editing that and Updating the website all take up a huge amount of time, not to mention the time spent updating social media. Oh god, social media. I am the—what is the opposite of “Social Media King”? I just hate twitter and facebook, could you tell? I feel like you could tell. “Social” and “Media” are, like, two of my least favourite things in the world, why would anyone think putting them together would be a good idea? I would have to try really hard to think of two things I hate more than “social” and “media”, but I can’t even be bothered to do that, so you can have what just popped into my head: Racist beetroot.

In all seriousness (here’s the mushy part), it has been mostly a pleasure doing it and thank you to all who gave up their time to come on the podcast, not least my trusty co-host Kate Feld, and more importantly to you, the person who listened to it. I have still got two interviews (Saskia Vogel and the famous Matt Holness interview that I’ve had for months) that I shall release at some point… maybe on the one year anniversary of the Matt Holness interview? That really can’t be that far away, actually.

I know it’s a bit sad when a podcast you kinda like finishes, but hey, there are one or two other literary podcasts out there that are almost as good as this one. I believe you can find them on the internet.

With love,


PS If you happen to be a publisher or some literary org who wants to set up a podcast and want to helicopter me in to do an amazing interview and then let me bugger off while you do the boring technical bits, I am your huckleberry. My rates are very reasonable.

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