Episode 12 – Squaddies


In this episode, you get two interviews for the price of one. In the first, Rob talks to Steve Dearden, writer, producer and director of The Writing Squad. We talk about Creative Writing MAs, Manchester United, the rise of genre and YA fiction and the best time ever to be a writer(hint:now). In the second, Rob talks to Writing Squad alum Lenni Sanders and Jasmine Chatfield about Manchester lit nights, Putting a show on in Edinburgh and (my favourite) Post-apocalysm.

At the end, Steve reads his short story, No Caller ID. She’s a long one, this, so get comfortable.

0:30 – Intro
13:05 – Interview with Steve Dearden
58:12 – Interview with Lenni Sanders and Jasmine Chatfield
1:26:40 – Outro
1:30:13 – Steve reads his short story No Caller ID

’tis sweary.



Steve interview: The Writing Squad, Jane Rogers, Jenn Ashworth, Stevie Ronnie, Mark Catley, John Griffin, Catherine Williams, Ronnie Smith, NAWE, Jamal Gerald, Harry Jelly, David Gaffney, Gemma Saltzer

Lenni and Jas interview: Flim Nite, Stirred poetry, Rebecca Audra, Anna Percy, iOrganic, Harry Jelly (again), Wonder Women, Claire Pollard, Manchester Art Gallery, Instigate Arts, Dead Lads, Harriet Williamson, PBH, The Laughing Horse, Edinburgh Free Fringe, Bad Language, First Draft, Cheethams Library


2 thoughts on “Episode 12 – Squaddies

  1. Kate Woodward

    Hi Rob,

    Just caught up with the Squaddies podcast. Here’s a bit of feedback:

    Initially, put off by the duration – my regular walking route is 1hr 15 mins which I, therefore, think is the perfect length for a podcast – you immediately pointed out the obvious pause function and my grumpiness had to be shelved. And yes, it’s your podcast so you get to run the show your way.

    I hope you’re enjoying making these as much as I’m enjoying listening to them. Always inspiring.
    the latest one was entertaining throughout again and more of your great, relaxed style. Now you’ve got the new studio, please avoid editing out all the clunks and misunderstandings. To me, they are part of the podcast’s charm. I hope you’re enjoying making these as much as I’m enjoying listening to them.

    Interested to hear Steve Dearden’s responses to your question about age limits and focus on developing young writers. As someone who waited until 50 to pick up a pen, I’m constantly frustrated by opportunities i see that are restricted to the young. How about picking up the baton yourself, Rob? I can see you, and your enthusiasm pushing something like this forwards.


  2. Robert Cutforth Post author

    Cheers Kate! What lovely feedback.

    I am enjoying making them, although they do seem to be taking over my life… To be honest, I don’t edit out much of the interviews themselves unless the interviewee directly asks me to take something out. This will be readily apparent with the next interview that comes out this week…

    I can’t remember now, but I think I edited out the answer to the question “Why is there an age limit to Writing Squad members?” because Steve’s answer was simply “Because that’s just the way it is” or something to that effect. I take your point though, I probably should have pushed him on it.

    The next podcast will be much shorter. And it comes out tomorrow. 🙂

    Thanks again for the feedback!


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