Episode 42 – Literary fiction is an illusion with Joanne Harris

In this episode, Rob chats to Joanne Harris about Norse myths, Child ballads, video games, graphic novels and the perils and joy of having your book optioned by Hollywood. Joanne also talks about the “illusion” of literary fiction. “Plot is the engine that drives the car” (we like her). Rob and Kate have a silly conversation about Canadian sketch comedy, Ramsbottom, gothic tales and AFC Wimbledon. Rob sings a stupid song.


Links to stuff mentioned in the podcast:

The Terrier Song as it is meant to sound

Lost in Vegas review Holy Wars by Megadeth


Bruce McCulloch, Kevin Duffy, Northern Lights WRITERS Conference, Adam Farrer, Sophie Mackintosh, Richard V Hirst, The Portico Library, First Draft Cabaret nights, Doctor Who, The Delightful Sausage, Gorilla Nightclub, AFC Wimbledon, Orion Publishing, Gollancz Publishing, Francis Child, Neil Gaiman, Marvel Comics, Harvey Weinstein (ugh), Hugh Howey, Anouchka Harris, Kit Golden and David Brown

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