Episode 44 – Letting the light in with Clare Fisher

In this episode, Rob chats to novelist and short story writer, Clare Fisher about writing things that won’t sell, PhDs in failure, Lydia Davis, and being a southern softie living in Leeds (Leeds Leeds). Rob and Kate again come to you live from the infamous Salford pod in the even more infamous Media City. They chat about experimental fiction, Irish writers (again!), famous writers working shit jobs, that awful Rose Tremain interview in the TLS and writing the impossible.


Links to stuff mentioned in the podcast:


Eimear McBride, Ian Maleney, Kevin Barry, Claire Louise-Bennett, Mike McCormack, Influx Press, Comma Press, Rosie Garland, Will Self (again, sorry), Rose Tremain, Sandeep Parmar, Lionel Shriver, Kate Tempest, Hollie McNish, Lydia Davis, Sophie Mackintosh, Matthew Holness, Donald Trump (ugh), Jeremy Corbyn (double ugh), Theresa May (oh fuck) and Brexshit.

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